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Recent Publications

Wall depletion length of a channel-confined polymer. GK Cheong, X Li and KD Dorfman, Physical Review E 95, 022501(2017).  pdf

Morphological consequences of frustration in ABC triblock polymers. MR Radlauer, C Sinturel, Y Asai, A Arora, FS Bates, KD Dorfman and MA Hillmyer, Macromolecules 50, 446-458 (2017).  pdf

Rapid, selective, label-free aptameric capture and detection of ricin in potable liquids using a printed floating gate transistor. SP White, S Sreevatsan, CD Frisbie and KD Dorfman, ACS Sensors 1, 1213-1216 (2016).  pdf

Broadly accessible self-consistent field theory for block polymer materials discovery. A Arora, J Qin, DC Morse, KT Delaney, GH Fredrickson, FS Bates and KD Dorfman, Macromolecules 49, 4675-4690 (2016). pdf