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Recent Publications

Predicting the phase behavior of ABAC tetrablock terpolymers: Sensitivity to Flory-Huggins interactions parameters. A Arora, N .  Pillai, FS Bates and KD Dorfman, Polymer 154, 305-314 (2018).  pdf

Effect of edge disturbance on shear banding in polymeric solutions. S Shin, KD Dorfman and X Cheng, Journal of Rheology 62, 1339-1345 (2018). pdf

Measuring the wall depletion length of nanoconfined DNA. AB Bhandari, JG Reifenberger, HM Chuang, H Cao and KD Dorfman, J. Chem. Phys. 149, 104901 (2018). pdf

Distribution of label spacings for genome mapping in nanochannels. D Ödman, E Werner, KD Dorfman, CR Doering and B Mehlig, Biomicrofluidics 12, 034115 (2018). pdf