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Recent Publications

Thermal processing of diblock copolymer melts mimics metallurgy. K Kim, MW Schulze, A Arora, RM Lewis III, MA Hillmyer, KD Dorfman and FS Bates. Science 356, 520-523 (2017). pdf

Equilibration of micelle-polyelectrolyte complexes: Mechanistic differences between static and annealed charge distributions. JE Laaser, M McGovern, Y Jiang, E Lohmann, TM Reineke, DC Morse, KD Dorfman and TP Lodge, Journal of Physical Chemistry B 121, 4631-4641 (2017). pdf

Simulations of knotting of DNA during genome mapping. A Jain and KD Dorfman, Biomicrofluidics 11, 023117 (2017). pdf

Wall depletion length of a channel-confined polymer. GK Cheong, X Li and KD Dorfman, Physical Review E 95, 022501(2017).  pdf